Fast Video Cataloger Crack Free Download 2022

Fast Video Cataloger Crack Free Download 2022

Fast Video Cataloger Crack is a video program for searching and browsing digital video files. Search and browse, locate and play all your video files quickly and simply. Fast Video Cataloger is the most efficient locally-based video management software available to Windows PC.

What’s new?

  • You can also add your property extensions to thumbnails, such as the description.
  • You can make virtual playlists of videos. A virtual playlist is a collection of video segments in your library.


  • Find the correct scene quickly: Navigate your videos fast and with a sophisticated video cataloger that supports a variety of ways to locate your video or scene within massive collections.
  • Play video thumbnailsFast video cataloguer comes with an integrated player that starts playing videos from the moment of the capture of a thumbnail.
  • Flexible video keywording: Keywording on both videos and in scenes will help you streamline your workflow, strengthen your team, and help make your work with videos more efficient.
  • Customize by scripting5.x allows integrated scripting with the c# programming language. You can customize the program or make it a basis to create your video solution. The installer contains examples to help you get going, along with extensive API documentation.
  • Expand by adding customized metadata Include custom metadata in your videos, and make them more customizable in your catalogues. Businesses often have to save certain company-specific metadata along with the video. It is now possible to add additional categories to the catalogue, and then store customized metadata along in your video. The customized data is accessible via the interface for scripting.
  • Video files from archives: Review keeps archived videos searchable and searchable via keywords and thumbnails while raw files are saved externally.

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Fast Video Cataloger Crack Free Download 2022

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